4 signs you need a new deck

Hardwood DeckingAdding a deck to your home can offer you enjoyment and satisfaction plus. You can do anything related to the outdoors on your deck. However, you will need to do a little maintenance each year on your deck, depending on the weather oil or reseal will be necessary. When checking your deck make sure it doesn’t need any repairs.This is all part of your deck maintenance, but how will you be able to tell when you need a new deck? Read on to find out:

  • Floorboards are wobbling
  • Posts are rotting
  • It doesn’t meet the codes
  • Your railings are on the loose

Floorboards are wobbling

Checking this is easy – simply walk over your deck floor. Does it make a squeaky sound? How many floorboards are out of place? This can be an indicator that your supports are loose or your wood is rotting. If hammering a few nails doesn’t fix the issue or if you’ve been dealing with this problem regularly, then it’shigh time you may need to think about a replacement. Depending on the damage you may only need to replace the boards in question and then your job is done. If the damage is extensive and you have other issues a complete new deck may be needed.

Posts are rotting

Check the support of your deck regularly. Are the posts strong and is there any sign of rotting? The moment you notice any deterioration, don’t waste any time. It can be potentially harmful to you and your family as your deck could collapse if the damage is left unattended. Make sure you check your deck posts regularly, especially if you are using untreated wood.

Solid Wood DeckingIt doesn’t meet the codes

Was your deck built many years ago? Chances are, it could be out of date and doesn’t meet the required Australian standards and local building codes. Council permits and building codes are there for a reason, bests to stick to them and keep your family and friends safe.

Your railings are on the loose

A loose railing can be the main reason why they have dropped. Apart from it making your deck look unsightly; it can also compromise your deck safety, as well as your guests.

4 signs you need a new deck

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