5 ways to care for your wooden dining table

diningTable1Wooden furniture is functional as much as they are a decorative piece, all the more reasons for you to care for your furniture. You can keep your furniture looking like new if you care for it properly.

Caring for your wooden dining table

Dinners with family become more intimate and enjoyable because you just have such a lovely wooden dining table. You just wanted to keep your table that way forever. You think it’s impossible? No. With proper care, your wooden dining table can be passed on your grandchildren. It’s great, isn’t it?

Here are the basics on how to care for your wooden dining table the right way:

    • Dust often
    • Open the mayonnaise
    • Placement matters
    • Make it shine
    • Watch humidity levels
    • Avoid direct sunlight

Dust often

See that small particle of dust on your table? They’re harmless, aren’t they? However, too much dust build up can scratch the wood finish. Dust your wooden table weekly using a soft linen cloth. Slightly dampen it with water to remove the dust properly. Don’t use a dust polish as they contain silicone which can be harmful to your dining table’s finish.

Open the mayonnaise

Have watermarks on your table? Don’t worry. It’s just on the wax, not on the wood. A simple rubbing of mayonnaise should get the max out of your table.

Placement matters

Make sure that you place your dining table in an area away from appliances that generate heat or cold. This is to ensure that your dining table doesn’t warp or contract over time.

Make it shine

Make your table shines, but never ever use a product with silicone. Polish your dining table with carnauba wax. Use a soft linen cloth to do this, just to make sure your dining table doesn’t scratch at all.

Watch humidity levels

Try to keep humidity levels in your home between 40 to 45 %. Any lower could crack the wood and higher could cause swelling.

Avoid direct sunlight

Watch where you place your table and make sure it doesn’t get direct sunlight. Close the curtains or blinds to prevent the sun getting to your table. Seems silly but it is really important.

Follow these tips and you’ll have your dining table beautiful for longer.

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