Why choose timber flooring?

lounge flooringWhen you are renovating or designing a new space, it is important that you consider what flooring will suit your needs best. You have to choose a flooring that can make your home  beautiful and if possible, a floor that matches your personality. Are you having troubles choosing the perfect fit for your home? Consider timber flooring.

Why use timber flooring?

Imagine stepping into your front door, having that feeling that only timber flooring can give you and your guests every time you step inside your home. Timber seems to have a way of weaving a special magic into your home. It provides a warmth, richness and character that no other types of flooring can match. Timber flooring also offers benefits to homeowners like you.

When choosing timber flooring, you might be faced with several questions. Below are some questions and answers that you need to know about timber flooring.

How long will timber / wood floors last?

Timber floorings are durable and can last for many years, maybe even your lifetime. Timber floors require a little TLC from you. Worried if you can get value for your money, invest  a little time in maintaining your for and you will have no problems. With timber flooring, you get to enjoy the classic feeling inside your home for a long time.

Marri Floorboards1Are wood floors easy to install?

Yes! You don’t have to wait for many months before getting your own your own timber flooring – especially if you engage the services of a professional flooring company.

How much is the cost?

Wood flooring is an investment and may cost more than some other flooring type, but how many other floors will last longer than your lifetime. Imagine not having to replace your flooring for a long time, if ever. Timber flooring is beautiful – no need to install carpets and reinstall carpets anymore!

You just coat your timber flooring and then they are good to go! With the right coating and a bit of regular TLC, you don’t won’t have to recoat your floors for at least, 10 years or most likely even longer, which is a real time saving and value for money. The cost of timber flooring coating is much more affordable compared to replacing the carpet, which might start to look worn out in 5 years or so.

You have decided to go with a timber floor – perfect! Now, for your timber flooring needs, contact West Coast Timbers and get your free quote today. Solid wood floors cut t your exact requirements ready for DIY installation or your favourite flooring professional.