What makes firewood a good choice?

firewood burningWhen the nights are cold, wouldn’t it be comforting to have some warmth? To warm up your home, a heater is the easy fix– switch it on and it’s instantly warm. However, as nice as it is, a heater also comes with higher energy bills every month. Is there another way to warm up your home without using your heater? Good news, there is!

Firewood is the answer

Burning firewood is one of the oldest ways to keep your house warm. Not only does firewood create a great atmosphere inside your home, but the dancing flame and the orange light can keep you snug during a cold night. Plus, it can create a cosy feeling inside, perfect for those long wintery evenings. Teamed up with a cuppa, you can be relaxing comfortably while enjoying the warm feeling your fire gives off.

Why use firewood?

Heaters are a common item inside a home so why opt for firewood? Once you turn your heater off, the heat doesn’t stay around for long. However, when using a fire – your furnishings absorb the warmth and your house stays warmer for much longer.

Firewood can significantly decrease your energy billsTrailer of dry firewood

If you put that heater in storage, you can expect a cheaper energy bill every month. Your outlay for the firewood is no comparison to paying expensive bills.This way you spend your money on more important things.

They are more environmentally friendly

Firewood is carbon neutral; when you burn it, no extra carbon dioxide is being released into the air. In fact, if the firewood is left to decompose naturally, it may actually release more carbon dioxide than when it is burnt.

What makes firewood a good choice?

Firewood is a cheaper way to keep your home warm and it is also good for the environment. Should you need to stock up on your firewood, then contact West Coast Timbers. We sell quality, well seasoned firewood at an affordable price.