Marri Floorboards – The epitome of elegance

Marri FloorboardsAre you searching for the perfect floor covering for your home? Something solid and sturdy, practical and functional? A surface that not only serves its unique purpose but also looks amazing? Then look no further than Marri timber flooring from West Coast Timbers in Binningup, Western Australia.

Servicing the South West with a stunning selection of furniture timbers and flooring options, West Coast Timbers DO NOT mill state forest timber, all our timber is sourced from private owners or development sites. West Coast Timbers cut timber selected to order which means you get exactly what you want and need.

Here are just some of the benefits of choosing Marri timber for your home include:

  • Wide Cut and Custom Made
  • Strong and durable
  • Colour and Pattern

Wide Cut and Custom Made

Marri Log at West Coast TimbersMarri boards are cut significantly wider for flooring and furniture making. The logs have been hand-picked, sawn, kiln-dried and processed to ensure the floorboards are individual for your home. We custom cut so you can order a full selection to complete your home flooring or just a few to replace any damaged boards. Have your flooring your way, not dictated by the stores packing policy.

Strong and Durable

Tough and long-lasting, Marri floorboards are extremely durable and require the most basic of maintenance. We can cut in random lengths with a tongue and groove profile. Marri floorboards are manufactured to withstand a lifetime of everyday use.

Marri_FloorsColour and Pattern

Marri floorboards derive their beauty from the striking red gum that runs through the natural wood. The Marri is grown in the South West of Australia and is popular for its unique patterns caused by the bloodwood veins. The stunning light golden colour is a timeless choice for any home décor and adds warmth and character to any house design.

Where Can I Find Marri Floorboards?

West Coast Timbers are proud suppliers of hand-picked marri, available directly from the mill. Save money with the huge range to choose from and add value to your home whilst enjoying the beauty of these boards. Call West Coast Timbers today, we are located in Binningup, phone us on 9720 2561 to organise your quote and start dreaming of your beautiful new floorboards today.