Reasons to use Marri timber as your flooring material

Marri_FlooringAre you still deciding which material you should choose as your floor? Choosing can be very difficult. Given you have already decided to go for a wood floor. Great, but what wood materials or timber you are going to use? There are just so many timber options out there, which one is best for you?

Marri timbers

When choosing wood floors, Marri timber is a great option to choose for your flooring material. Mari timber is solid, durable and admired for its great strength. In the past, Mari hardwood has been used for a variety of purposes – wagon wheels, the decking for wagons and bridge support. A large hardwood growing as high as 40 metres, this heartwood is a pale yellow-brown in colour. Its grain is interlocked, and the timber is fine textured, making them a good flooring option for your home.

Will it fit your home nicely?

The answer is yes – absolutely! Like any other hardwood timber, Marri timbers can make your home look more stunning. Its unique grain and texture will show and make your home look warm and cosier! With Marri timber as your flooring, your home will look and feel welcoming to your guests.

Marri Floorboards1Marri timber is good to use because it is:

  • Beautiful
  • Durable
  • Hardwearing

You don’t need to replace your floor for many many years! Unless you plan on replacing your home interior or design, Marri flooring can even outlast you!

Where to get Marri timber?

When in Bunbury, contact West Coast Timbers. We have a good supply of Australian hardwood that you can’t find elsewhere and that includes Marri timber. Don’t worry, we mill our own wood so you can expect a more affordable price and we don’t mill state forest timber.

Want to view our delightful stock of hardwood? Call us on 9720 2561 for all of your enquiries or you can visit us in Binningup. We hope to see you soon.