Should you steam clean your hardwood floor?

lounge_flooring1Hardwood floors are remarkably beautiful and add style to any home. Most hardwood floor owners are looking for ways as to how they can maintain its lustre and keep its value.  Yes, hardwood floors are a large investment – that is why you should make an effort to take special care of it.

Hardwood floors are easy to maintain, but there are few cleaning methods that should be avoided where possible.

Steam cleaning is a NO No!

Nowadays, some homeowners and many steam mop sales people believe that it is a good idea to steam clean their hardwood floors.


timber floorSteam mops force steam into the wood fibres, any cracks, splits or breaks allowing the moisture to get into the wood of your floor.

We all know that leaving water on the wood is the biggest enemy of a hardwood floor since it is absorbent and may cause the floor to warp or buckle over time.

The harm caused by steam cleaning

Regardless of how much you heat the water to its vapour state; there is still a high amount of water present. If the water gets under the finish as described above, you will have to refinish your floor again to get the bubbles out. What about properly sealed floors? Even when your floor is properly sealed, regular contact with water on your floor can cause significant damage to the wood over time.

Should you steam clean your hardwood floor?

Marri Floorboards1No – you should not. The best way to clean wood floors is warm water and dry mop off.
Do you need to repair a small section of your flooring?
Need to add additional hardwood flooring or a whole house?

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