Where can I buy the best firewood in Bunbury?

burning firewoodSearching for that quality firewood to beat the chilly weather? Get the best firewood here at West Coast Timbers. We sell firewood of the highest quality.

Top 4 reasons to buy firewood at West Coast Timbers:

  1. Local company
  2. Clean wood
  3. Additional wood pieces
  4. Cost effective

Local company

Nothing makes you feel more assured than knowing that firewood is sold near your area. West Coast Timbers is your local wood manufacturer in Bunbury and we endeavour to provide you with hygienic and safe firewood.

It is best to have your firewood bought from a local company to avoid non native insects hitchhiking on the wood. Ideal firewood should be bought few kilometres away from your place to save you time and money.

Clean woods

All the wood we sell is dry, seasoned and split to standard sizes that suits your average sized firebox. Most important of all, the wood we sell is clean, which ensures you can keep warm without needing to breathe in toxic substances, as we ensure the wood has no bark, rot or charcoal.

Trailer of dry firewoodAdditional wood pieces

Want to stay up all night or have a bonfire? Bring your truck with you, so we can fill it with firewood with additional wood pieces such as Tuart or Marri, perfect for burning overnight. We want to ensure you get the best services to satisfy your needs.

Cost effective

Firewood prices do vary with their quality but we, at West Coast Timbers, sell the most affordable firewood to maximise your investment. You will never go home disappointed as we will ensure you get exactly what you deserve.

Where can I buy the best firewood in Bunbury?

Only here at West Coast Timbers.

For all enquiries, call us on 9720 2561 to discuss your needs and book an appointment for inspection. Ring us now for a free quote.