Why buy small wooden items?

Red Dog Wooden Wine HolderDo you love the feel and look of wooden furniture inside your friend’s home? Do you want to put some in your home too? When you have a small space inside, you may start to wonder what type of furniture you can buy. Instead of getting big wooden furniture that may require too much space inside, choose small wooden items.

Small wooden items

These items can be functional or use as a decorative piece. From wood cutting boards to wine holders, there is always something that you can buy and use inside your home. Small wooden items maybe small, but it has the beauty of solid wood like that of wooden furniture. It can make your home appear warm and a real charmer too! There are many reasons why you should choose small wooden items:

Cutting BoardGorgeous natural look

They maybe small but because they are made from wood, its beautiful patterns and lines will show. It is naturally beautiful already.

Resilient and strong

They are made from wood which means they are reliable and can perform well even on high and tough duties. It means you don’t need to replace it any time soon.

Easy to clean

Wooden Mug and chopping boardAll you need to do is wipe it and you can keep it clean! For stains, use a cleaning product and you can enjoy your clean wooden item again. Too easy!


You can display your small wooden items anywhere inside your home. Even if you wanted to change your style, it will still fit and will look great all the time.

Why buy small wooden items?

Why not? Small wooden items are a great investment in your home – small, yet beautiful. For all your wooden item needs, contact West Coast Timbers. We have ready made small wooden items on display, or we can custom made an item to suit your needs. Ring us today and tell us what you would like.