Does all the wood furniture in my home need to match?

HallTable1Have you ever walked into a furniture shop before? Maybe you have noticed how they arrange their products according to the colour and style? This leads you to believe that when you buy furniture, they have to all match accordingly. If you are one of these people who think like this, maybe it’s time to change your thought process…

Does my furniture have to match?

The answer is no. Matching furniture is a thing of the past – especially when it comes to wooden furniture. You don’t need to buy the matching side tables and chair all in the same colour and finish, just to get that harmonious look. Furniture doesn’t have to match, but it should coordinate.

What makes matching and coordinating different?

Yes, matching and coordinating are two related words but with plenty of differences. When you say matching furniture, they are all in the same style, tones and finish. The pieces of furniture are often selected from a set of furniture with the same style. In other words, matching furniture can look plain and boring.

cabinetOn the other hand, furniture that coordinates can be taken from different sets of furniture collections but all work together to create a harmonious look inside a room. There may be different finishes, or you may combine new furniture with what you currently have. You see, creating a coordinated look doesn’t mean getting furniture with the same style.

Does all the wood furniture in my home need to match?

No – it doesn’t!However, if you want that plain, matching look for your home, you can go for it. You just have to remember that getting a coordinated look can allow you to be creative and experiment with furniture styles and designs. After all, wood furniture can fit any home décor and style perfectly – your imagination is the only limit!

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